Log Splitter Rental

If you have a fireplace you could use a log splitter rental company. Log splitters are great for many things, though mostly people use them at home for fireplaces or some other type of wood heater.

What Does a Log Splitter Do?

A log splitter is a mechanical instrument that you can use to help you split logs. This is much easier than the old fashioned method of using an axe to split firewood for your home. All that you need to do is use your chain saw to cut logs into round sections and then place them on the machine.

Log Splitter Rental

It will split them for you and you will be done splitting wood in only a fraction of the time it would normally take you to split the same amount. If you have a local company that deals in log splitter rentals, it could be the best investment you have ever made.

If you do not have a fireplace you may also want to rent a log splitter. There are many decorating ideas you can incorporate into your landscape or home using logs that have been split in half. A lot of log cabin type homes use them to make the stairs for their home.

What Type of Log Splitter Rental Do You Need?

Log splitter rentals can be for splitters that typically split using ten tons of force. If you need to split a really large log though you may want to go with a more professional hydraulic model which can exert up to 25 tons of force, sometimes more.

Typically, the homeowner who needs to split firewood should not need more than the ten tons. If you are not sure what force rating you need though, a log splitter rental company can help you decide based on the dimensions of your logs.
You may also want to keep in mind that some log splitters run off gas while others are electric.

The type you will need to get will depend on how far you will be from a power source. If you are in the woods, gas powered may work much better for you.

How Much Does Log Splitter Rental Cost?

This will vary depending on where you rent from and the type of log splitter you rent. Most log splitter rentals are for a single day price of near $60 and $30 for a half day, for a homeowner who simply wants to use the split wood for firewood or some other project. A professional log splitter will cost you a good deal more because of their increased ability to cut large pieces of wood.

Where to Rent a Log Splitter

If you need a log splitter, you can look on the internet to find a company that will rent them out to you in your area. In some areas you can rent one from Home Depot if you have one near you.

When you are ready to give up swinging the axe to split wood for your fireplace or would like perfectly cut in half logs for a home project, keep in mind that there are many companies who offer log splitter rentals.